Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seif intorduction

Saturday, April 12, 2007Songkran DaySongkran Festival is the trakitionla Thai New Year.We are go to patong beach and Jungcelon. We have happy water-throwing. After that,they may set free birds, fish and turtles as a way to release their sins.

As Kids See It

Karen,my daughter,and her three young children were flying off for a holiday.
Four-year-old Mattea listened intently as Karen carefully explained how chewing gum can relive pressure in your ears.
As gum was shared, Mattea asked for more. Her mother refused,as Mattea often swallowed her gum.
"Well then,what do I put in my other ear?'' Mattea asked.
คาเรนลูกสาวของฉันและลูก 3 คนของเธอกำลังบินไปเที่ยววันหยุดเมทที วัย 4 ขวบ ฟังคาเรนอธิบายอย่างตั้งอกตั้งใจการเคี้ยวหมากฝรั่งช่วยลดความดันในหูขณะทีเอาหมากฝรั่งมาแจกจ่ายกัน เมททีขอเพิ่มอีก แม่เขาปฏิเสธ ขณะทีเมททีได้กลืนหมากฝรั่งเมททีถามว่าแล้วฉันจะเอาอะไร ใส่ในหูของคุณแม่ละ

Review point

Passive 12 TenseslPast Perfect = S. + had been + v.3 + by....lPast Per. Conti. = S. + had been being + v.3 + by....lFuture Simple = S. + well be , shall be + v.3 + by....lFuture Continuous = S. + will be , shall be + being + v.3 + by....lFuture Perfect = S. + will have , shall have + been + v.3 + by....lFuture Per. Conti. = S.+ will have been being, shall have been being +v.3+by....Passive Voicel1. A book is read by me every day.l2. His letter will be written by him in the evening.l3. The door has been opened by Sak.l4. Football is being played by them now.l5. A chair was being cleaned by her.l6. A football was kicked by him yesterday.l7. The mango is eaten by Tom.